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Agamids / Agamy


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Lizard Collection Update 10/07/12

This my collection of herps, Two Agamids- Asian Water Dragon, Austrailian Bearde...

1 minutes : 49 seconds
Giant Indonesian Sailfin Dragon

One of my Adult Female Hydrosaurus Amboinensis, also referred to as the Giant In...

1 minutes : 35 seconds
Reptile Update & Feeding Buffet

It's been a while since I did a reptile video so here it is. Everyone's doing we...

7 minutes : 44 seconds

Chamaeleonidae are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. They a...

3 minutes : 14 seconds

lizards of the family Agamidae, include more than 300 species in Africa, Asia, A...

4 minutes : 48 seconds
Reptile of the day Ep.3 Frilled Dragon

mastermindnews- New Reptile of the day. Frilled Dragon The frill-necked lizard (...

22 seconds
Some Rare Species coming out

A few Ts that are pet holes decided to come out for a change lol

3 minutes : 1 seconds
Philippine Sailfin Dragon "Hydrosaurus pustulatus"

This here is a young juvie sub-adult Philippine Sailfin Dragon, Very Rare, Criti...

1 minutes : 28 seconds
True Yellow Tree Monitors "Varanus Reisingeri"

Yellow Tree Monitors, theese are not melinus monitors, quince monitors, aka yell...

1 minutes : 26 seconds

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