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clicker training parrots


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Jackie bird clicker training

He's learning very quickly! African Grey parrot.

1 minutes : 34 seconds
Pippin clicker training

Here is Pippin doing some of his tricks. He does them all using hand signals. I ...

1 minutes : 27 seconds
Trust Building & Clicker Training Day 1 With My Parrotlet

Brought to you by! Ella has a whole lot of sass for being such a ...

10 minutes : 26 seconds
Basic Beginner Parrot Training~Cockatiels~Parakeets~Large Parrots

In this video I show you the foundation of how to train your parrot. With the ho...

7 minutes : 59 seconds
Penny's Tricks: Spin, Fetch, High Five, and Put Away Toys

Penny, a 14 month old cockatiel, practices her tricks: spin, fetch, high five, a...

2 minutes : 10 seconds
Count Duckula

Count Duckula, the Maroon Bellied Vampire, practices his 'retrieve.' Duck has a ...

1 minutes : 55 seconds
Clicker Training with Howard - Recall

Using clicker training to teach our Eclectus Parrot to recall.

4 minutes : 37 seconds
Parrot Training: Budgerigar Tweety and his Skateboard

With Clicker Training Tweety Steps on His Skateboard

1 minutes : 48 seconds
Clicker Training Fun for Bird Tricks

A silly video of Paz the Toco Toucan starting her clicker trainin...

49 seconds
Clicker training my birds

I've been working with Gumnut and Buddy for a while now. Got to excited filming ...

1 minutes : 46 seconds

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