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Horse racing


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2013 Dubai World Cup Carnival Preview

Theobjective of Night School is to bring online, interactive live fan education ...

12 minutes : 39 seconds
2013 Cheltenham Gold Cup Preview

Ed Quigley (RP Weekender) is joined by Graeme Rodway (Racing Post) and Nick Watt...

14 minutes : 28 seconds
Willie Frazier and the IRA gambling conspiracy

Willie thinks there is a conspiracy between the IRA and horse racing

3 minutes : 11 seconds
Muscovites Help Horses Back on Track, Sponsor Zoo Animals

Several public charitable organizations in Moscow help animals survive and give ...

3 minutes : 31 seconds
2012 Hagerstown Small Car Nationals HEAT RACE WINNER Sonny Hatzel #22 4 Cyl. HEAT RACE #1

Heat Race Winner Sonny Hatzel #22 Dark Horse Racing Small Car Nationals Hagersto...

3 minutes : 6 seconds
Standardbred Canada Video Feature - Harness Racing Fans

Trainers and drivers share their most memorable interactions with harness racing...

11 minutes : 51 seconds
Horse Racing 2013-01-05

97 minutes : 39 seconds
Follow this UK trainer when the money is down When a horse is gambled on, sometimes it wins, sometimes not. T...

5 minutes : 3 seconds
Horse Racing - the good, the bad & the sad

This video takes a critical look at horse racing. In particular it focuses on th...

34 minutes : 53 seconds
Dostihy (Horse Race) Tribute to the czech bassist Milan Broum by Marek bH

My personal tribute to the great czech bassplayer Milan Broum (from legendary ba...

55 seconds

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